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What is mental health?

Menatal health consists of our emotional, psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, act, and even our physical health.

Striimi Inc. is an advocate for mental health and well-being. Mental health is important and should be treated more as a top priority in everyday life. Here you can learn a lot more about maintaining positive mental health, spreading awareness, support, and action.

Let Go of Fear

You’re angry, frustrated, annoyed, and pissed, feeling so much rage that no amount of adjectives or ways to describe it can compare to the feeling. That’s fine. You acknowledge that. Just like we talked about in ‘Controlling Your Emotions’. You feel these negative emotions because you’re worried and upset. You should know that you don’t […]

Controlling Your Emotions

Don’t let your emotions control you. YOU have to control YOUR emotions. In the last post we talked about taking your power back. When something upsets you, take notice. The moment you catch it, you can control it before it controls you and gets worse. You are in control of your own emotions and THAT’S […]

Taking Your Power Back

There is this negative emotion you feel. This pain is controlling you. Whether it’s anger, sadness, bitterness, or jealousy, it’s there. Here’s the thing: It’s there, you feel it, and that’s okay. When you acknowledge that negative emotion you feel, that’s the first step in taking that power back. It’s no longer creeping in your […]

Change & Comfort

I remember sitting in my car every night with my friend just moping and laughing about how miserable and depressing both of our lives were. I remember us both creating fantasies about the perfect life and talking about how we wanted our sad lives to change. The question we needed to ask ourselves was ‘Did […]

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