Controlling Your Emotions

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Controlling Your Emotions

Don’t let your emotions control you. YOU have to control YOUR emotions. In the last post we talked about taking your power back. When something upsets you, take notice. The moment you catch it, you can control it before it controls you and gets worse. You are in control of your own emotions and THAT’S taking your power back. You might not like the way you handled a situation. Ask yourself, ‘how is being upset about it going to benefit me in any way?’. You can either dwell on it or you can learn from it. That situation is not currently happening and if it is, you can remove yourself. You can’t always control other people, your environment, or surroundings, but you can always control your reactions to it if you apply yourself or you can simply remove yourself. If someone is intentionally trying to hurt you, and you know they are, why let whatever it is they are doing hurt you? And if it is not intentional and they don’t mean it, again then why let it hurt you? It’s just a subconscious mistake. If it is intentional, take your power back, control your emotions, and rise above all of that. You know what their goal is. Don’t let them have it. Don’t give them that power over you and if you have already… Once again… take it back 😉 You might slip here and there. That’s fine & normal. Once you do, it’s important to catch yourself, and control yourself.


How is everyone doing emotionally? In what ways do you control your emotions? Comment below!

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