Let Go of Fear

You’re angry, frustrated, annoyed, and pissed, feeling so much rage that no amount of adjectives or ways to describe it can compare to the feeling. That’s fine. You acknowledge that. Just like we talked about in ‘Controlling Your Emotions’. You feel these negative emotions because you’re worried and upset. You should know that you don’t have to calm down immediately. You are allowed to feel. You’re human. You feel all these negative emotions because of FEAR. Well, what if this situation that’s making you feel this way doesn’t even affect what you fear? You would have gotten all worked up for nothing. Let’s think about a time a situation has angered you, where you felt the feelings, let them take their course, and didn’t try to force them away. In this moment that possibility doesn’t cross your mind because in your mind, things should go a certain way and if it doesn’t you panic.

Here are some important actions you should practice to help with that:
-Let go of what already happened
-Let go of what you can’t control
-Let go of expectations

This will all aid in letting go of fear.

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What if you are, in fact, getting all worked up for nothing? What if it’s supposed to happen this way to work in your favor? You’re only panicking because you didn’t see it happening this way and you don’t know what’s around the corner. Naturally, you will assume something bad. You fear the unknown. Have you ever had a situation where something didn’t go as planned, you freaked out, and it either still came around in the end, or worked out for the better? A lot of the times you think you lose or miss something and you don’t always realize it immediately but you gain a lot more and better.


How are you doing? How is fear getting in the way of your daily activities? What can you do to overcome it? Comment below!

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  1. Yes! I just wrote about overcoming fear. It truly is a process of reframing our perspective!

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